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Men Vs. Women Smartphone Usage Differences: Does it Affect Mobile App Development?

When Steve Jobs returned to a rotting Apple, Apple had dozens of different products targeting different segments in the market. None of them were doing to well. After he became the de facto CEO of the company in 2000, he stressed the importance of creating one awesome product instead of dissipating all the energies of […]

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8 Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Healthcare Sector

Mobile apps have penetrated almost every vertical of the industry, including Healthcare. Healthcare apps are a boon for both medical/healthcare professionals and the general public. These apps go a long way in making various facets of medical workflow more efficient. This is the reason why there is an ever-increasing demand for mobile apps in the […]

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Why Retailers Should Focus on Getting Mobile Apps?

The number of smartphones has increased and so have their users. This has led to a dramatic increase in the number of mobile apps as well and people from all walks of life are using these apps to leverage their business. Be it any small, medium or large enterprise or organization, mobile apps are a […]

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