Are you an Android Developer? Theres Some Good News for You!

Developers building apps for Android dont have it easy. Whenever iOS development is compared with Android app development, most people bemoan the lack of perfect app development tool, fragmentation and low revenues in Android. Developing apps for Android is a bitter-sweet experience – there is a large audience and there is scope for futuristic apps with awesome features.

But, at the same time, developing for Android mobiles is not as easy and simple as it should be. However, Google is doing all it can to make the developers happy. Here, we take a look at upcoming and newly released Android features and facilities that make developing for Android fun.

You can do what Google did with Glass

We dont mean that you can create apps for the Glass or build a similar device. Google released the beta (sort of) version of the Glass to general public, press and other people who has a strong presence on social media. Now you have the chance to use stage rollouts for your apps – this means that you can push your unreleased apps to testers, reporters, bloggers or other people of your choice. This is an awesome feature that will enable Android app developers to bring their apps closer to perfection before release.

Better Apps Usage Charts for Tablets

While the iPad continues to dominate the most lucrative tablet markets around the world, tablets running Android are doing quite well too. Many developers create apps that work well with smartphones as well as tablets, while others are specifically targeting the tablet market. Now Google will provide developers with easily accessible information in a pie chart form, detailing the app usage according to the screen size of different tablets. In addition, it will now be easy for users to find tablet-specific apps on Google Play as Google has now created a separate section exclusively for tablet apps.

Easy to Keep your Eyes on the Money

While it was always possible to see how much your app is earning, now you can do it with ease. Earlier, developers could only see how much their app has made over a long period of time. There was a lengthy process that allowed you to track revenue for particular days, but it was not easy to use. Now you can easily check how much your app earned on any day, with just a few clicks. Google is also working on linking Google Analytics with the Google developer console – this will enable developers to keep a better track of how their customers interact with the app.

Apart from these, there are other important news too: Google has started an Optimization Tips section that will help developers make their apps almost perfect. On the social side, developers will now have the ability to reply directly to the people posting reviews of their apps on Google Play. For app developers creating apps that can work in different locales around the world, Google localization and translation services will help increase the reach and profitability of the app.